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1. By the side of Du Liu River,there is beautiful village.It’s my hometown.
The river is clear and long.In it there are lots of fishes and all kinds of stones.Flowers and grass grow all over the banks.They are red ,yellow,green,blue and white.All of them form a beautiful picture of nature.If you look at it carefully by yourself,you must be much pleasure.
There are many trees on the bank of the river,the trees are big and tall.Like big umbrellas .In summer,birds sing in them,people read ,play and talk under them. Then the natural parks are formed.Do you want to come here .The people not only are very kind and warm-hearted,but also are hard-workink.
So I love my hometown .Love everything of my hometown..I hope my hometown richer and ric
2.Dear mom:
Today is October 10th..It’s your birthday.I want to say:“Thank you ,mom.I love you,mom.”
I am thirteen years old now,and I can know many things.You are a great mother. You not only work at office,but also do housework at home.You always say:“We should be helpful and kind.”You ask me to eat healthy food and keep take exercese .Every morning,we run together.Every evening,you help me with my English.For me and our family you do everything.You are toilsome,mom.I will study harder and won’t let you down.
Happy birthday,mom.I hope you healthy and young forever.
3.Rong Jiang ,Gui Zhou is my hometown a small city lived Dong(侗),Miao(苗),Shui(水),Yao(瑶)people.There has beautiful mountains、clear water and long history.
It is named Rong Jiang because of banyans.There are many big and tall banyans by the side of the rivers.The banyans are old-age around hundreds of years. They are like soliders keep guard our homeland.They also like big umbrellas keep out wind and rain for people in the four seasons. Ancient Banyans Group is a smart sight at my hometown.
Rong Jiang is famous for watermelon and its special local products.In summer, watermelons are mature.In the fields are all over the delicious watermelons.Everyone loves them.When you are thirsty,you can partake a piece of watermelon,the immortal you are.My hometown has many special local products,such as juan fen(卷粉) 、solt fish(腌鱼)、solt meat(腌肉)、solt vegetable(腌菜) ect.They are very delicious,too.Welcome to my hometown and taste the toothsome foods.
I love my hometown,love the mountains、the rivers and the people.I must study harder.Then I can make my hometown more beautiful and richer in future.
4.English is more and more important around the world. So we must try our best to learn English well.Plenty of students have trouble in learning English. Ihave four golden ways in learning English. First, we must concentrate on listening to the teacher , because it's the most important . We can learn a lot in class. Secendly, we must be able to read aloud . Maybe you feel difficult , but don't stop reading. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, you must believe that you can do better . Thirdly ,you should do more practice by writting . If you study English by these ways , you'll be a successful student.
5.My Strict Mother
In my memory, people always say “Strict father, kind mother.” The fact isn’t like that in my family. I have not only a strict father, but also a strict mother.
When I was there years old, Mother cursed me hard because I broke a bowl. That made me frightened. After that day, I tried to do everything carefully in case she scolded me badly. I knew she only wanted me to do well.
Perhaps I said some wrong words when I played with my younger cousin. My father scolded me, so did my mother. She never tells me why she treats me strictly. I think it is hard work that made Mother strict and confident.
My dear mom, could you treat me kindly? I would be more wonderful if you were not so strict!




------------------Seeking Mobile!!!-------------------
Anyone who ever found my mobile, please kindly returen to it's anxious owner.
My mobile is a red Nokia.
I lost it in a restaraunt, located at 11 Evergreen Street.
I have many important telephone numbers stored in my phone. I am a doctor. the numbers are my patient's phone numbers.
They need my help! I have to contact them regularly to make sure they're in good health.
Please give me your hand.
You can call me by this number:123456
or You can visit me at 234 Sunshine Avenue.
My name is : Mr. Jimmy
thank you.
Dear brother:
How are you? I am fine. Do you miss me. I like my new school. I made a lot of friends. They are really nice to me. Now I am taking Math, English, Chinese, Art, PE, history, and so on. My favorite subject is PE. We are currently learning how to play baseball. Baseball is hard but it is fun. Math is hard for me. I am going to see you on Sunday.
Take care.
Best wish.
That day I really tired! So this matter I brought to the pressure so great! I am not forcing you to do. You do not have any further commitments. No matter what I am worried about is that yes or no. I do not mind the. Still take the best to you. Gamble. Even if I had been seriously wounded also considered. I am conscious of. On good passionate toward. Receptive to a variety of ideas. Emotional support confidence. I trust you. Going to be hard feelings can be distinguished out. So. Husband. What I do not want to. Asked nothing. Then you still love me when I want to make you happy. Happy.
I like sports, I have a lot of sports collectibles. I have 10 basketball, baseball 5, 8 soccer. My favorite is table tennis, I have 20. I play tennis every day.
Today ,I want to tell you about my favourite food . I like bread and milk best . I always eat bread and milk for my breakfast . I often have rice and meat for my lunch and supper . I usually eat an apple or a peach after supper . That is tasty! Sometimes ,I do not eat lunch or supper .Because I think I am fat and I want to keep slim .But now I think it is not healthy . So I have lunch and supper as usual now .
One day sunset,
One person has a dream,
Life there is a favorite.
All met reunite in the fate of the sky slowly interpretation.
A gentleness subtle Dressed in distinctive clothing or clothing, you will become an extraordinary necessary magic weapon.
The world is large, but really belong to your own, but the soul touching clothing can be met without elusive.
In Latin American youth, warm and flowing in the summer of ocean, you will choose what kind of interesting?
Classic? Callous? Mild? ...
Perhaps you can not choose.
Here is the temperament you should choose the source.
Here the boys and girls are different.
Here interpretation of fashion, spread personality.
Here, you will find their favorite ...
XXXXXX, X, clothing clothing World Health grand opening.
During the opening, all customers have gift.20-percent discount, single purchase of 80 yuan sent a membership card (by this card can enjoy 20 percent or lower long-term discounts).
I love Spiderman very much
It's so exciting that I can't forget it.
The Spiderman said "With great power comes great responsibility"
The story is about love ,power and responsibility.
It tell us how to be a better man .
The Spiderman is always ready to help others and face to difficulties and never afraid of them.
The story also tell us that we should brave enough to face the problems in our daily life and learn to settle them.
That's the reason why I like Spiderman!
Are you a musician?Can you sing?Can you dance?Can you play the piano,the drums,the trumpet,or the guitar.Then you can be in our school music festival.please call Zhang Heng at 622-6033.
Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country.
I get up at six o’clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o’clock.
After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o’clock.then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed.
I was on duty today,so i got up early and went to school.as soon as arrived,i began to sweep the floor,then i went to the classroom and did the morning reading.after that,i did some exercises and had breakfast.then the classes began.in the afternoon,i first had lunch then went bach to the classroom and had some classes.at 4 pm,i went home. it's a nice day!


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初中英语作文范文(5篇)1. By the side of Du Liu River,there is beautiful village.It’s my hometown. The river is clear and long.In it there are lots of fishes and all kinds of stones.Flowers and grass grow all over the banks.They are red ,yellow,green,blue and white.A...